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Your trusted partner for anything staking in blockchain networks.
As an Enterprise-level Validator we believe that blockchain, much like the Internet, will revolutionize the way we live and interact with each other
Globally distributed sentry nodes managed with high security
24 / 7 Monitoring
99.9% uptime across all networks secured via our validators
Multiple Networks
Trusted by 10+ PoS networks as a top-tier validator node
Why Stake with us?
The stakdbits infrastructure and surrounding processes are highly specialized to guarantee reliable and fault-tolerant operation of our nodes, as well as safekeeping of associated cryptographic key material
Performance focused
We strive to achieve high-performance grade in all the networks we help secure. Highest uptime, top rated and trusted by projects foundations
Domain Expertise
Our team participates actively in launching and operating a variety of the hand-picked decentralized networks
Our staking services are trusted with millions of dollars worth of assets from a plenthora of retail investors. Contact us to learn more.
We support delegators by resolving staking-related questions and issues directly via our discord server
What is Staking and why should you do it?
To take part in the DPoS process, users save up digital assets to form a stake and delegate it to those who do all the upkeeping work and get a share of the reward in return. This process is called staking. By staking, you take part in the consensus mechanism, and the wallets that work as staking pools, share a part of their rewards, according to your stake with them.
Available Networks.
Stake, earn, explore, and bridge between self-sovereign blockchains supported on interchain applications
Staking on COSMOS

Staking your Cosmos (ATOM) allows you to passively earn rewards for helping to secure the network.

You'll get highly competitive rewards, a trustworthy validator, and never lose ownership of your coins.

Secure the network

When you stake your ATOM, you help the Cosmos blockchain being successful by securing the network and validating ongoing transactions

Earn rewards

You can passively grow your assets with us by participating in the Cosmos network. The maximum annual yield on ATOM is up to 20%, minus the validators fees.

Collecting your rewards is super convenient and you can initiate that at any time on your account.

Just remember any un-staking or redelegation while still staked, you need to wait 21 days before having full access to your assets.

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Staking on NEAR

NEAR Protocol uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to secure its blockchain. Validators represent the community of node operators that take care of the blockchain consensus. Technically, the validating nodes are servers that aggregate transactions into blocks, execute them, and maintain the latest state of the blockchain. The owners of these nodes, the Validators, get rewards for their service at the end of every epoch (~14 hours).

There is no minimum amount to stake in the NEAR Protocol.

The unstaking period refers to the number of days that staked NEAR is locked up in an untransferable state. During the unstaking period, a NEARist retains full custody over his or her NEAR in the sense that tokens never leave the wallet – they are only delegated.

Unstaked NEAR tokens will be available pending a release period of 52-65 hours (4 epochs), and then you can withdraw your stake.

Rewards are automatically compounded at the end of the epoch, making it extremely convenient to compound your rewards.

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TEZOS logo
Staking on TEZOS

Tezos employs a Liquid Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism designed to maximize the decentralization of governance and encourage participation among XTZ holders of all sizes.

Tezos is also fundamentally designed to provide code safety through Formal Verification.

XTZ delegation is a process of selecting one of the block-producing nodes by freezing a part of your assets as a part of their staking balance. In return, you get a share of the block production income.

To start delegating your XTZ, you have to use an ordinary TZ address. Choose the desired wallet for staking, such as Exodus, Kukai, Temple wallets, or any other, and delegate your XTZ to us. Your cryptocurrency remains physically in your wallet, and you get rewarded for staking!

Staking Tezos allows delegators to earn a passive income of up to 6% per year by actively participating in the validating of transactions on the network.

Baking is how staking is known on the Tezos. It is the act of signing and publishing blocks to the Tezos blockchain by bakers (validators)

Delegation is when you give your baking rights to a baker.

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